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He's The Best Thing
Lookin' For a Miracle
Love Lifted Me
Secret Place

Krystal with her husband David

My life is exceptionally busy. I am married to David, who keeps the home fires burning when I travel with my sisters. We have three brilliant and beautiful kids, Connor (boy born in 1990), Kyle (girl born in 1992) and Keefe (boy born in 1994). Connor is serving his country in U.S. Army Intelligence and Kyle and Keefe are pursuing their studies.

I work full time (plus) as an Accounts Payable Manager at an energy company. I’m also going to school pursuing my MBA with an emphasis in Change Management and I expect to graduate in May of 2012. When someone asks, I play the drums (and I emphasize "play" - I still don't consider myself a drummer), and do myriad other things for the church, especially anything to do with organization. One lady at church told me that she nicknamed me the "Expeditor". It made me feel like a superhero or an armored tank, I'm not sure which...

I enjoy singing on the Praise Team and in the choir, and I adore my 11th & 12th grade Sunday School students, but the ministry in which I have been involved for the longest period of time, since I was a young teenager, is a program called Bible Quizzing. In my current capacity, I work with the most phenomenal 12-18 year olds in the world! They memorize over 500 verses of the Bible every year, and compete in a eight month long season. I spent four years as the Colorado District Bible Quiz Coordinator for our church organization, and I am one of the coaches at my local church. I'm also a Quizzing mom, with all three of my kids having participated in the program.

Did I mention that I'm busy? Oh yeah, and I also sing with my sisters!




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Kyle, newly graduated, with her mom, Krystal

Kyle, Connor & Keefe

Connor and his girlfriend, Samantha







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