Kendra's Voice Can Be Heard In...

Come Let's Sing
Perfect Peace
Hope for the World
Praise the Lord
Trust Medley
White as Snow
Love Lifted Me
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)
Angles We Have Heard On High

Samson Jonathan Gordon Sahs

July 4th, 2010 - Oct 23rd, 2010

A Tribute to Samson Jonathan Gordon Sahs

Kendra is the last born of the Gordon family. Because she was a "surprise" caboose—which caused her mother to cry and her eldest sister much embarrassment—she decided to get a master’s degree in couple and family counseling to help heal the in vitro hurts of others :o).

After spending six months in Mexico City, Kendra decided she wasn’t supposed to be a missionary—at least not overseas—so she came home and married her youth pastor, Eric Sahs, on December 26, 2005.

In 2008 the happy couple welcomed their first child—Ronen Jacob Gordon Sahs—to the Mile High City. Then, two years later, on the 234th birthday of the USA, their second boy—Samson Jonathan Gordon Sahs—showed up with a BANG! Samson was born with an extra chromosome and a holey heart, so when he was two months old, amazing doctors fixed his tiny heart. However, his body was just too sick and after a mere one hundred and eleven days on earth, Samson took the early train to heaven.

Two years later to the day that Samson died, Eric and Kendra welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Eden Rose Gordon Sahs.

Eric, Kendra, Ronen and Eden, and the rest of the Gordon clan can truly say they know the comfort of the Holy Ghost, and that God’s promise to never leave or forsake His people is absolutely true.

Kendra is...

artistic - blessed - careful - diligent - eclectic - friendly
gracious - hungry (for God...and chocolate!) - introspective - jazzy - kind - loving - melancholic - nomadic - optimistic - pugilistic -
quintessential - reverent - sagacious - tenacious
understanding - vivacious - worshipful - xenophobic
youthful - zany




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The Sahs Family - Samson, Eric, Kendra & Ronen

Sweet Samson

Kendra, Eric and the sweet, newly born, Eden Rose.

Eden Rose, near her first birthday!.

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