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Featuring: Kelly Jo (Gordon) Larson

“…Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths…” Proverbs 3:5-6

Dedicated to: Our amazing producer, Glen (along with Sherrie and Dylan). Keep the Lord in the driver’s seat of your life and He’ll take you to the places He wants you to go.

About the song: Kelly sang this song many years ago when she lived in California. She still has a copy of the original version on a long-play record (remember those?) and we got it out a few months ago and enjoyed it all over again on her turntable! It was still as wonderful as we’d remembered and the lyrics are timely as well – especially after Kelly added a second verse. We had to include it here! Isn’t it amazing that when we let God do the driving in our lives, He keeps us from evil and we get so much farther than we could ever dream?

Jesus is at the Wheel Song Clip

Verse 1
I’ve tried so many times
To guide this life of mine
Then I remember Jesus is at the wheel
And I’ve learned when times get tough
All I know is just not enough
Then I remember Jesus is at the wheel

He’s at the wheel no need to hurry
Cause you’re just along for the ride
He’s at the wheel no need to worry
Cause I know He’ll get you over
To the other side
So when you’re trying so hard
And you feel like it’s just too far
Just remember Jesus is at the wheel

Verse 2
It’s so hard to understand how I fit in His plan
Then I remember Jesus is at the wheel
Cause when I do my thing I fall
So I’ll just wait on His call
And remember Jesus is at the wheel

© 1980 Terry Clark/Dunamis Music/ASCAP/All Rights Reserved
Additional Verse Lyrics were written by Kelly Jo Larson, added with permission.

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