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Featuring: our dad – Pastor Maurice R. Gordon

“…God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear…” I Corinthians 10:13

Dedicated to: Our dad. Your stability and faithfulness are known and experienced by all who’ve come in contact with you.

About the song: Dad has had just one “real” solo throughout the years, and this is it! As he’s sung this song he’s taught us that God will never allow hard times in our lives – without giving us the grace to bear them. Although dad’s mostly a preacher, he does have quite an amazing tenor voice for a man in his eighth decade of life!

He Knows How Much We Can Bear Song Clip

Verse 1
We are our heavenly father’s children
And we know that He loves us one and all
Yet there are times we feel we answer
Another’s voice and call
If we are willing the Lord He will teach us
His voice only to obey no matter where
And He knows oh I’m so glad He knows
Just how much we can bear

Though the load gets heavy
We’re never left alone to bear it all
Just ask for strength and keep right on toiling
Although the teardrops fall
We have the joy of this my God’s assurance
Our heavenly Father will always answer prayer
And He know oh I’m so glad He knows
Just how much we can bear

Verse 2
Think of the times
You’ve asked yourself this question
Down in your heart now Lord what shall I do
Then you confide in your friends and loved ones
But they have troubles too
There is a God Who rules the earth and heaven
And don’t you forget for each of us He cares
And He knows oh I’m so glad He knows
Just how much we can bear

© 1939 Roberta Martin/Traditional Gospel Hymn/Public Domain
Roberta MartinWords and Music: Roberta Martin


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