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Featuring: Kendra Gordon

"…ye were without Christ…having no hope, and without God in the world…" Ephesians 2:12
"…For we are saved by hope…" Romans 8:24

Dedicated to: Each of you who is going through "the trial of your faith." Be encouraged! God has given you the gift of hope and that hope won't make you ashamed.

About the song: Our Dad was preaching on a Sunday morning and he prefaced his sermon with newspaper clippings about all the terrible things happening in our world today. He included statistics on things like wars, crime, school violence, and broken homes. That type of news can be depressing, but Karla remembers being overcome that day with the feeling that there is hope for the world. Our hope is in the Lord. When she returned home from church, she went straight to her piano and wrote this song. We believe that the only hope for the children of the world is Jesus.

Hope for the World Song Clip

There is hope for a troubled world
There is peace that no man can take away
So when your hope is all gone
Stand up be strong
There is hope for the world
Hope in the Lord hope for the world today

Verse 1 (featuring Karen and Kelly)
So long ago in Bethlehem
A babe was born the Son of man
He came to bring freedom from sin
Jesus the hope of glory

Verse 2 (featuring Kathy and Krystal)
Turmoil and trouble seem to abound
Hatred and violence is all around
But lift up your eyes hope can be found
Hope in the Lord today

Verse 3 (featuring Kendra and Karla)
Jesus is coming it won't be long
He'll call his bride and take us on home
Oh blessed hope cares will be gone
Jesus the hope of Glory

Vamp: Hope for the world today

  2000 Karla G. Trevino/Melody Line Music/BMI
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