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Karla also wrote "Praises to the Lamb", an anthem of worship. She wrote the chorus one Sunday morning when she was thinking of the goodness of the Lord. The melody came strongly into her mind. She didn't have much time so she quickly grabbed her mini-recorder and sang the song into it. About a year later, on Krystal's suggestion, Karla added the verses to complete the song.

It was the first song we recorded, and we thought it would be the easiest, since the harmony is uncomplicated. We were so wrong! We discovered that the "ballads" were the most difficult to record because it took so much time and energy to successfully blend our voices. This song took 9 hours to record! Furthermore, the song is "tripled" which means that it's recorded 3 times and then those three recordings are layered on top of each other. We teased our parents, who were in the studio with us for several days, that they had eighteen daughters instead of just six! The melodious voice of Kathy, their firstborn, is featured on this song.

Praises To The Lamb Song Clip

Hallelujah, holy, holy
I will sing praises to the Lamb
To Him who sits upon the throne of glory
I will sing praises to the Lamb

From time immortal, a Lamb was slain
For the sins of every man
God so loved that He gave
To the Lamb, the Lamb of glory

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

To Him who sits upon the throne of glory
I will sing praises to the Lamb
I will sing praises to the Lamb

1999 Karla G. Trevino/Melody Line Music/BMI
All Rights Reserved


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