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"I'm Going to Heaven" was written by Karla in dedication to Jack Falfar, a man who attended Lovingway for many years. He battled heart problems during that time and, since he was alone, he found friends among different people in the church. One of his friends was Karla. One day, when his health was really failing, he called Karla and told her that he felt like God had impressed upon him that he needed to pack for a trip. He didn't know where he was going, just that he was going somewhere. Karla, who was well aware of his uncertain health, wasn't sure how he could manage a trip, but she talked to him anyway about packing for both cold and warm weather. Jack also shared his impressions with our Assistant Pastor, who bought him a suitcase. Then, a couple of weeks later, Jack died. Afterward, Karla remembered the conversation about the trip, and she realized that God had really told Jack that he going on a trip, only it wasn't to anywhere here on earth. He was going to Heaven! So she wrote this song to commemorate Jack's final destination. Karla, who included her childhood questions about heaven in the first verse of the song, sings the solo.

I'm Going to Heaven Song Clip

As a little child, I listened carefully
With wide-eyed wonder, could this really be
A place so fair, and Jesus would be there
Oh heaven, that's where I want to be


I'm going to heaven, heaven, and I've been told
All about heaven, heaven, where we'll never grow old
I'm going to heaven, heaven, Jesus I will see
I'm going to heaven, heaven when the trumpet sounds for me

A place of peace and safety, no tears are shed up there
Troubles will be over, there'll be no more cares
A mansion for me, Oh, I want to see
Heaven, that Jesus made for me

(Repeat Chorus)

Those who are blood-washed, redeemed and saved
Will live forever in the place God made

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm going to heaven, heaven, when the trumpet sounds for me


1999 Karla G. Trevino/Melody Line Music/BMI
All Rights Reserved



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