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"I Give My Life to You" was also written by Karla. Like many songwriters, she often writes at unusual times, in unusual places. In fact, the verses were written during our first Sisters' Sojourn in Orlando, Florida in 1998. We were squeezed into a car driving to the Epcot Center for the day when Karla suddenly asked if someone had a piece of paper. An envelope was found and she quickly jotted down the verses. We approached the gates of Epcot, listening to Karla singing the verses for us.

The Spanish chorus is representative of the many songs we've sung in Spanish, both at Lovingway (our home church) and during the time both Kelly and Kendra spent in Spain. Finally, the chorus from "I Surrender All" expresses the desire in each of our hearts to be totally committed to God. Karen, with her velvet voice, sings the solo on this song.

I Give My Life To You Song Clip

I give my life to You, I give my life to You
All that I am and ever hope to be
I give my life to You

I could give you all, all that I hold dear
My fame, my wealth, my family
But Lord, what You desire is simply all of me
So, I give my life to You

Te doy mi vida ti, Te doy mi vida ti
Todo que soy y que aspiro a ser
Te doy mi vida ti

I have walked away
Grown cold and sometimes strayed
But your sweet love draws me close once again
I will hear your call, Lord I surrender all
And I give my life to You

(Repeat Chorus)

I surrender all, I surrender all
Lord, I give my whole life to you
I surrender all

All that I am, and ever hope to be
I give my life, I give my life
I give my life to You

1998 Karla G. Trevino/Melody Line Music/BMI
All Rights Reserved
Bridge adapted from I Surrender All/ 1896 Traditional Hymn/Public Domain


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