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"Give God Alone the Glory," written by Karla to be a gospel choir song, was performed by two different choirs before the Sisters recorded it. At the Colorado campmeeting in 1999, the congregation worshipped exuberantly when this song was sung.

During the recording of this song, we had the video tape recorder set up to "catch" some of the process. Recently, we sat down to watch the evolution of the song recording from beginning to end. We were amazed once again at how much work recording really is. It was also amazing to watch the producer patiently work with us until the song came together. The "bridge" of the song was the most difficult part because some of those high notes were sung with virtually no break for up to an hour at a time to get the best possible sound. Appropriately, Kelly Jo's soulful voice is featured on this song.

Give God Alone The Glory Song Clip

Glory, glory, tell the blessed story
Glory, glory, give God alone the glory
Give God alone the glory

(Repeat Chorus)

Jesus came to earth one day
He came to take our sins away
That is why we all must say
Jesus we give You glory

(Repeat Chorus)

My life's story was all wrong
But Jesus gave me a brand new song
Now I sing it all day long
Jesus I give You glory

(Repeat Chorus)

Altos: Glory, we give You glory (repeat)
Sopranos: Glory to God in the highest, glory (repeat)
Tenors: We glorify You (repeat)

(Repeat Chorus)


1998 Karla G. Trevino/Melody Line Music/BMI
All Rights Reserved



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